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My Interaction Design on a Mobile Application

A few short months ago this application was only a series of screen designs I created with MockApp. Now it has been demonstrated at IPEX, a high profile print/publishing/media trade show. Reuven Sherwin, Founder; VP Products, Research & Development at XMPie (a Xerox Company) spent three months as a visiting researcher at the Xerox Research Center Webster (XRCW). While he was here he had an idea for a mobile print application that would combine existing research projects around mobile printing and targeted ads with XMPie personalization technology.

I helped Reuven solidify his idea with some user scenarios and a task list. I then created the interaction design for the application, with feedback from Reuven throughout. This was my first iPhone application and it was great to be able to work with someone who understood the design process. Once we had the basic interactions worked out, Reuven called on resources from XMPie to get the development and graphics completed. It has been very gratifying to be able to work on a product that moved from design to reality so quickly. It’s also great to have something I designed be out in the world and not hidden away within Xerox or one of Xerox’s customers.

You can read more about the application in the press release. I’m looking forward to getting feedback from the demonstration and helping to refine the UI as we move forward into the next stages of this project.

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