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Trailmeme now in Public Beta

NOTE: This project is no longer live, but I’ve saved this post for archival and portfolio purposes. The links included below are still active. 

Trailmeme in the MediaIn the beginning of 2010, I started working on a Xerox Innovation Group research project called Trailmeme in the role of Usability Lead. Last week, the project was launched from private to public beta at DEMO Fall 2010, a launch pad for emerging technology.

Trailmeme is a new kind of publishing that enables users to create visual maps of Web content. With Trailmeme, content generators, or trailblazers, can create trails to organize and present Web content in a way that tells a story. Trailblazing finishes with a social act, when authors publish their trails for others to walk. Content consumers, or trail walkers, can enjoy well organized journeys through meaningfully sequenced content with commentary. Trails can be turned into PDF documents for printing or use as ebooks.

This is a project with a lot of moving parts: a destination site, search site, a browser bookmarklet, a Firefox toolbar and a WordPress plugin. Throughout the year, I have been doing heuristic evaluations of each aspect of the project and then wireframing improved interfaces. I am privileged to work with a talented UI designer, Anoop Surendran who transforms my wireframes into polished designs that can be implemented by an amazing development team. We’re in beta so some of the edges are still rough; my next task is to plan some quick user testing to set direction for the next round of improvements and features. If you do try it, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

The project has received some excellent press coverage:
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