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Year Nine at Burning Man

Me and the ManThis year I attended Burning Man for the ninth time (for those of you who don’t know what that is, the burningman.com site gives a good overview, for more details read the Burning Man Wikipedia entry). My first Burning Man was in 1996 so I’ve seen the event change a lot. I expected to be pretty much over it this year and even said that this would be my last one. Instead, I was inspired and amazed by my experience on the in Black Rock City, it reminded me why I have been so many times and why I will continue to go.

There are many special things about Burning Man: a smorgasbord of theme camps, large and small scale art, music pumped out by incredible DJs, mutant vehicles moving across the desert outrageous costumes (or lack thereof), fire in so many forms, and the neon nighttime skyline. However, the best part is the people. I go out there with my people; my partner Jennie and I always camp with a group of some of our closest friends. At the event we meet and experience amazing new people from all over the world. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves and contribute to the enjoyment of others; they have created things to share with you but are also sharing of themselves. Our gift to the Burning Man community is The Brush Brigade.

There is an openness at Burning Man that is often lacking in our daily lives. I attend the event because it reminds me that I can be open and creative and bring this energy into real life. It reminds me to look people in the eye and say hello and share myself every day. It reminds me that life is wonderful and that there is always something in it to be positive about. It makes me a better person.

It is difficult to capture the Burning Man experience on film, I stopped trying a while ago because it can interfere with my ability to enjoy the moment. However, I did manage to get some images, you can find them in my Burning Man 2010 photoset on Flickr.

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