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1997 in Zimbabwe, part 7

This is the seventh in an ongoing series of posts that capture journal entries from my incredible trip to Zimbabwe in 1997. You can read more about my motivation for the journey and why I’m revisiting it now in the original post. I was 21 at the time I wrote this.
Part 7
6/30/97, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Monday. Work is only 8am-4pm, Thursday and Friday are spent in meetings so that leaves me only three days to fill, with what I am still not clear on. Tomorrow I’m going to spend all day with dressmaking. That should be interesting, everyone was impressed with the skirt and top I made for myself at the party on Saturday so I don’t think they are too advanced, it’s just a simple pattern. Today I went to town (Harare) again, this time with Joseph, who not only has the worst teeth but also the worst eyesight, holding things inches from his thick glasses. He doesn’t drive, but owns a car. Clemens acts as CHIYSAP chauffeur. I’ve told them I can drive but I don’t think they believe me, women don’t drive.
So today I registered at the American Embassy, which contained no Americans that I could see, just the people who worked there and many people, Zimbabwean and other, trying to get a visa to go to America. I guess it’s pretty hard to get one, I heard many stores, all of which were rejected as flimsy reasons to want to go to the U.S. I also went to the bank to get money and to check if my credit cards were working. For a while, the Advanta wasn’t. The Chase does but I haven’t been able to use it to get money at an ATM. They both worked at the bank so I guess I feel a little more secure. We also visited the post office, stationary store, and OXFAM offices where David works (where I will be able to receive faxes). David is the most sane and rational Zimbabwean man I have met here. I like him very much and his wife Francine as well. They are very progressive and accepting. I want to have dinner with them soon. So most of my day in the city was spent in and out of the car. For the short time I was at work I sat at my desk and read a paper by Joseph that was surprisingly eloquent and informative. There is more to that man than meets the eye.
7/1/97, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Feeling very alone, missing Jennie, wanting to go home.
Continued in Part 8

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