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I’m published

One of the fun things about working in a research center is that we are encouraged to publish and obtain patents for our ideas. This year I contributed to two publications that came out of my usability evaluation work on the Document Interactions project. Here are the references:

Eric Bier, Wei Peng, Zahra Langford, William Janssen, Patricia Wall, Jonas Karlsson, and Tong Sun. A story-based approach to making sense of documents. IASTED (International Association of Science and Technology for Development) Proceedings on Human-Computer Interaction, 2011.

Tong Sun, Jonas Karlsson, Wei Peng, Patricia Wall, Zahra Langford. “Managing Interactions in the Collaborative 3D DocuSpace for Enterprise Applications”, The 4th International Conference on Human-centric Computing 2011.

You can find the conference proceedings for HumComp2011 here.

This project also spawned a chapter in an upcoming book about online interview research to which I contributed content and illustrations. In addition, I have two patents in the application process for user interface innovations on two other projects, I’ll post here if/when they are finalized. I will eventually get everything formalized into my resume.

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