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2013 Goals

I’m trying to be more realistic in my goal-setting this year. I’m also posting my list in a public space so perhaps I’ll hold myself more accountable. Here are the things I want to accomplish in 2013:

  • Commission and launch a new chocolate website
  • Identify a photographer for the chocolate and have all product photos taken
  • Go to India to work at XRCI for 90 days
  • Celebrate Michelle’s 40th birthday in London
  • Clean out attic and get rid of stuff we don’t need
  • Clean out garage and get rid of stuff we don’t need
  • Clean out basement and get rid of stuff we don’t need
  • Save $15,000 for my trip to Africa in 2014
  • Plan a Langford family reunion in the Bay Area
  • Start making terrariums as a hobby
  • Add more plants to my home space
  • Finish digitizing my Zimbabwe journals
  • Complete at least one month of the 4-Hour Body diet and exercise plan, continue if successful
  • Let my hair return to it’s natural color (dark brown streaked with gray)

This is at a very high level, of course I have smaller actions for each goal and a timeline but I don’t think that I need to include those here.

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