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My First Patent

Patent FigureThis happened a while ago, but somehow I didn’t get around to posting about it. I received my first US patent in July. We submitted our application in June 0f 2010.

Language-based color editing for mobile devices
US 20120001934 A1

Inventor: Raja Bala (Pittsford NY), Karen M. Braun (Fairport NY), Yonghui Zhao (Penfield NY). Zahra Langford (Rochester NY), Robert J. Rolleston (Rochester NY)

Abstract: Methods and a system for a natural language control interface are provided to enable a user to modify colors in a digital image. A textual interface is provided to select a color to be modified within the image and a direction of change for the modification. A swipe interface is provided to select a magnitude and polarity for the modification. Actions on the textual and swipe interface are converted to natural language commands which are in turn used to derive a color transformation that is applied to relevant portions of the image to yield a modified image. The modifications are displayed in real time for a user to observe as they are inputted.

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