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My Cross-Over to Xerox Research Center India

I am writing this from the Xerox Research Center India (XRCI) offices in Bangalore, India. I’ve been planning this all year, but wasn’t sure it was going to happen, now that I’m here I can write about it.

The Xerox Innovation Group (XIG) where I work is made up of 5 research centers around the world: Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Xerox Research Centrre Canada (XRCC), Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE), Xerox Research Center India (XRCI) and Xerox Research Center Webster (XRCW). I work for XRCW. To foster innovation and exchange between our centers, we have something called a cross-over where a researcher from one center can spend time at another. Many of these are relatively short, three weeks, but they can be longer. I chose to come to XRCI for three months. I will be doing the same kind of work I do at home (interaction design for research projects) for some of the projects here.

I arrived last week on Thursday. Today is the first day of a full work week. Our offices are located in the Marathahalli neighborhood in the city of Bangalore (often called the Silicon Valley of India) in a modern building in Prestige Technology Park. The group has recently moved her so everything is brand new. I already have my desk set up and am looking forward to a productive time here.

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