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Patents and Publications


Alternate game-like multi-level authentication
Patent US9122850B2 Francis Kapo Tse, Zahra Langford, Jennifer Watts-Englert, Catherine McCorkindale, David Russell Vandervort, Mary Ann Sprague 2015

Creating or modifying an ordered trail of links to pages and/or documents
Patent US9069769B2 David Russell Vandervort, Jesse Silverstein, Zahra Langford 2015

3D printing of chocolate
Patent EP2727469B1 David A Mantell, Andrew W Hays, Zahra Langford 2015

Language-based color editing for mobile devices
Patent US8487955B2 Raja Bala, Karen M. Braun, Yonghui Zhao, Zahra Langford and Robert J. Rolleston 2013



Guides and Visitors: Capturing Stories in Virtual-World and Interactive Web Experiences
Chapter 7 in Cases in Online Interview Research edited by Janet Salmons Patricia Wall, Jonas Karlsson, Zahra Langford, Tong Sun, Wei Peng, Eric Bier, Christian Overland, Mike Butman, Suzanne Fischer and Lisa Korzetz 2012

A story-based approach to making sense of documents
International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) Proceedings on Human-Computer Interaction Eric Bier, Wei Peng, Zahra Langford, William Janssen, Patricia Wall, Jonas Karlsson and Tong Sun 2011

Managing Interactions in the Collaborative 3D DocuSpace for Enterprise Applications
The 4th International Conference on Human-centric Computing Tong Sun, Jonas Karlsson, Wei Peng, Patricia Wall and Zahra Langford 2011