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Her work, to which she brings incredible intensity, was always first rate in my experience.
George Gibson – Director of Market Strategy at PARC

She’s got that mix of geek and artist that makes her incredibly versatile and valuable in this field. She’s passionate about the work she does and holds herself to very high standards.
Frank deSanto – Communications Manager at SWOG: Leading cancer research

Zahra led the experience and functionality design in these projects, translating under-defined requirements into refined user experience.
Nathan Gnanasambandam – Vice President, Operational Analytics and Data Science Innovation @ Optum

What makes her work special is the ‘extra’ stuff she brings to the table. It’s hard to explain this, but once you’ve had a couple of wide-ranging conversations with her about everything from theater and cyberpunk literature to her chocolate business and Burning Man, you realize where she gets the sensibilities that allow her to put the ‘experience’ into “user experience.
Venkatesh Rao – Independent Consultant