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Xerox Mobile Print Application

Mobile User Interface Design

Xerox Mobile Print Application

An experimental iOS mobile application to enable customers to print from a smartphone to a Xerox multifunction office device.


Xerox did not have an easy way to send documents from a mobile phone to a printer within their existing infrastructure. The research group was asked to explore probable technology solutions.


I worked with the cross-functional project team to define the target users, use cases and workflows that the application needed to support. I came up with a basic workflow, sketched the screens, produced high-fidelity wireframes; then worked closely with the developers as they implemented a working prototype.


The clear user interface ensured that the experimental prototype was well-received and understood by the business groups. The underlying technology and parts of the UI eventually became part of Xerox’s mobile printing application strategy.


Mobile Print SketchesAfter doing some basic requirements definition, I sketched out all of the major screens for the initial concept using pencil and a paper mobile phone template. I shared the sketches with the team and would modify them on the fly using yellow sticky notes. It was a quick and easy way to move the design forward.
Mobile Print Early Sketches


Mobile Print WireframesAfter the team agreed on the inteface sketches, I created a high fidelity wireframes using MockApp, a PowerPoint file that included all the basic iPhone screens and widgets.
Mobile Print Wireframe Sample

Core competencies: Requirements Definition, Use Cases, Workflow, Sketching, Wireframing, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint